Work Process of Design Services

  1. Contact us

    Prospective client contacts our representative via telephone, email, or WhatsApp to communicate their company's needs for design services.

  2. Engagement

    Meeting between prospective client and users with Arcilla Creative representative were held. This meeting is usually done face to face, but if it is not possible, both parties can conduct e-meet via video call using an application that has been mutually agreed upon.

    The discussion revolves around:

    • A brief introduction to Arcilla Creative, capabilities, and some relevant design samples.
    • The client company's needs for graphic design services are described in more detail along with the planning of creative strategies that will be implemented.

  3. Proposal

    Proposal from Arcilla Creative covers the scope of work and specifications in detail, estimated timeline, required budget, and payment terms.

  4. Documentation and Administration

    If the proposal has been agreed by both parties, the process continues with making a purchase order by the client's company. Other required documents are immediately processed according to the client's company policy and mutual agreement.

  5. Work Process

    The work process of designing a media has several stages, such as;

    1. Brainstorm creative ideas and concepts
    2. Ideas and concept selection that are the best and most relevant to the client company's objectives
    3. Realization in the form of visual design with detailed accuracy and representative
    4. Revision stage, finalization, and preparation for printing process

  6. Final Result

    Handover of the final design done virtually or face to face.

  7. Final Documentation and Administration

    Along with the handover, Arcilla Creative admin team will completed the final video result with the final documents required for client to continue the process of final administration. Thus the entire process of a design project has been completed.